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 Are you able to paint from existing photos?

Yes, if the photograph is of good quality -- i.e., if it has good enough detail, good lighting, is not taken too far away from the subject, etc. I am also happy to take photographs for your project at an additional cost.

 What media do you use?

I paint in pastels only.

 Do you sell prints of your paintings?

Yes. If you see a painting you like, please write for a quote.

 Can the animal be portrayed with a different background, in a different setting, than that which appears in the photograph?

Yes. Just let me know what you'd like and we'll see what we can work out.

 Can the colors used in a painting be subdued or enhanced to better coordinate with my room's decor?

Yes, just describe what you'd like.

 Do you paint portraits of people also?

No, not really. The focus of my art is animals; human figures are incidental.